A website is expression of yourself and your business. To build a website with the help of WordPress is so easy nowadays. Here is how to make your website easily

Steps to build a Website

  • First of all you have to buy a domain

For this purpose, there are many sites like namecheap, godaddy, hostinger etc

  • Secondly you have to buy Hosting

Hosting is a space where your website data is stored.

There are many hosting providers like domain name providers

  • Thirdly You have to install Theme

After selecting domain name and purchasing hosting plan, our next stop is to install theme on our website.

Theme is how your website look alike. There are thousands of free themes available on WordPress, you can select according to type of your website.

  • Plugins

Plugins are the add-ons and styles and designs of your website material.

There are numerous types of plugins we can use like yoast etc. which is used for search engine optimization of our content.

  • Posting

Here You Go, You can post whatever you want to show the world, all yours

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