Yesterday there was an IPL match b/w RCB and LSG, RCB won the toss and decided to bat first.

With the help of Virat(31) and Faf Duplesis(44), RCB set the lowest total of IPL2023 126…

When the chase was on, everyone was shocked when LSG couldn’t chase that lowest target and lost by 18 runs.

Fighting Scenes and Reason

The scenes were gone viral after the match when players were shaking hands, when Virat shook hands with Naveen ul Haq, an Afghan Pacer in LSG, He did jerk away Virat‘s hand and in reply Virat abused him, in reply of Virat, Naveen ul Haq abused Virat also, later Gautam Gambhir also came to support Naveen as Gautam is mentor of LSG

BCCI reaction on this Clash

After the videos of this fight gone viral on Social Media, BCCI took an immediate reaction and fined Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir their full match fee.

BCCI is also considering to put a BAN on these two

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